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In February 2019 Classroom Secrets Ltd launched their #LIFEworkbalance Campaign. The aim of this campaign is to improve the LIFE/work balance and wellbeing of EVERYONE working in education. This is a long-term project based on a committed approach to real impact on the lives of all those working in the education sector.


Why does this matter so much to us?

  • An NUT survey in 2015 found that over half of teachers were thinking of leaving the profession in the next two years, citing ‘volume of workload’ (61%) and ‘seeking better work/life balance’ (57%) as the two top issues causing them to consider this
  • Other research has found that 84% of teachers identify workload as their number one concern
  • 65% of respondents to the National Governance Association’s 2018 survey identified workload as a problem
  • 76% of teachers report that their job impacts negatively on their mental health
  • 43% of teachers surveyed by The Guardian are planning to quit the profession due to workloads
  • The most recent DfE teacher workload survey showed teachers working on average 54.4 hours a week – The Working Time Directive recommends a maximum of 48 hours work a week
  • 81% of teachers have considered leaving teaching because of the pressures of workload
  • 'Senior leaders describe their jobs as 'crisis management' with ' expectations among reasons for long hours'


Support for EVERYONE in education

Everything in the Classroom Secrets #LIFEworkbalance campaign is geared toward the fundamental belief that this campaign must lead to the betterment of conditions for EVERYONE working in education. As headteacher Chris Mcdonald stated to TES; ‘There needs to be an acknowledgement that heads are under real pressure, research into what these pressures are and then serious commitment to doing something about them, followed by action.’


What has been done so far?

  • In February 2019 the #LIFEworkbalance and Wellbeing in Education Campaign was launched.
  • A survey of people working in education has been started ready to collate detailed information on workload and the root causes of issues and concerns regarding this.


What happens next?

Next, we gather all required information and collate this before disseminating it to as many media outlets as possible and contacting any agencies or individuals who may be able to help. Following this, and most importantly for this campaign, we follow up this research with results. Classroom Secrets are committed to ensuring that this is a meaningful and useful process. The things we put in place to help address workload and LIFE/work balance issues is dependent on the results we gather and where we find we can have the greatest impact. What is crucial here, is that we are proactive in following this up that we ensure as much is done as possible to have positive results.


Please complete our survey below to be a part of it!


We've started a #LIFEworkbalance campaign and we need your help to complete our LIFE/work balance survey. We are wanting to publish the results so please give 15 minutes of your time to help us get a true picture of school life.

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If you have any questions about the campaign, please email us: [email protected]